HHCS promotes a more competent and efficient lifestyle through our meticulous deep cleaning services in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our professional maids have a keen eye for detail cleaning. Our maids will always make sure that your home is tip-top shape and according to what you expect from our deep cleaning services. Our expert cleaners are always ready to redo your services within 24 hours. It is always challenging for everyone to juggle work, school duties, and family life. Eventually, all you have to do is clean up your home. It would be much better to hire cleaners for your deep home cleaning.


HHCS maids perform a variety of first-time deep cleanings that require extra attention on the first visit. For instance, your bathroom will receive extra attention on the first deep cleaning because it includes everything from the shower to floor cleaning.

In our initial visit, HHCS cleaners will ensure that the deep cleaning is satisfactory. Our expert cleaners will go faster and efficiently on their first visit to your home. There will be a noticeable difference after our cleaners have done their job.

Save time and money:

We guarantee you that you will save your time and money because outsourcing your cleaning services can help streamline your expenses and reduce cleaning time by about 25% while ensuring a spotless, deep-clean home. We are providing low-rate cleaning all over Raleigh.

Our Deep Cleanups

HHCS will familiarize its customers with your home cleaning needs and create a customized cleaning plan that perfectly accommodates your budget and cleaning needs. Our maids always schedule the cleaning services at a time and frequency that works best for your home.

Manage Everything Online

HHCS in Raleigh offers a convenient process for booking cleaning services and getting your cleaning payments done online. Just call our customer department and get your customization of cleanup done. Our cleaning maids are ready to serve you on your appointed day and appointed time.



Our deep cleaning prices include all the things needed to clean your home. The mentioned price is the flat rate we offer for deep cleanups in Raleigh, and it also depends on the number of bathrooms and bedrooms in your apartment, condo, or house.

Price is for a: 1 Bedroom,
1 Bathroom ,Apartment


HHCS has set some plans for their customers in Raleigh for their convenience and better living. We have cleaning plans that will set your budget perfectly.

Monthly Cleaning:

Our monthly cleaning plan contains deep cleaning one time in a month. Hire to get the deep cleaning done.

Every two Months:

HHCS maids can do your home cleaning every two months because our many customers get this cleaning plan because of their schedule.

Get The Plan According To Your Budget:

You can choose any plan according to the budget and cleaning needs of your house.


Count on our professional team to handle any home cleaning and maid service your home needs. Customization of the checklist is also available. Do talk with us freely.

  • Living Areas & Bedrooms
  • Kitchen Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry Rooms

Contact Us at (984)-287-2946 for a flat rate book without upsell charges!


WAll HHCS cleaning services include labor and cleaning equipment, plus we offer a budget-friendly rate for all of our services in Raleigh. You will have to pay only for what you get!


  • Clean Backsplash and counters
  • Wipe fridge exterior
  • Wipe microwave exterior
  • Clean exterior of stove
  • Dust or wipe exterior of cabinets
  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Clean and wipe trash can and replace liner
  • Load all dirty dishes to dishwasher
  • Clean and scrub sink and faucet
  • Dust AC grill
  • Wipe door and door frames


  • Clean mirror with glass cleaner

  • Clean bath/shower and faucet

  • Clean sink and faucet

  • Clean/disinfect toilet: interior,base and tank

  • Dust or wipe exterior of cabinets

  • hand wipe and disinfect vanity tops

  • Remove trash, wipe down trash can and replace the liner.

  • Sweep and mop floor

  • Vacuum bathroom rug

  • Sweep and mop floor

  • Scrub and clean shower/tub tiles

  • Clean Shower’s glass door

  • Wipe door and door frames

  • Dust AC grill

  • Wipe reachable baseboards


  • Sweep,vacuum,and mop floors

  • Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures

  • Clean mirror with glass cleaner

  • Remove trash, wipe down trash can and replace the liner

  • Dust or wipe tables

  • Make the bed in all rooms

  • Clean and disinfect light switches

  • Clean all glass surfaces

  • Wipe reachable baseboards

  • Dust AC grill

  • Wipe doors and door frames

  • Clean or wash return air filter grill

Laundry Room

  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Dust or wipe exterior of cabinets
  • Clean and disinfect the countertop and sinks

Cost For Deep Cleaning Services For Your House:

HHCS can proudly say that we are the company that provides satisfactory cleaning services all over Raleigh, NC. But when it comes to the deep cleanup of homes, we mean it and give the most efficient deep cleaning to your house to make it look like a home. So as it sounds, it is way different from regular apartment cleanings.

There is also an option for the add-on in deep cleaning, but we will also charge you for that; the add-on is on our website, and you can also contact us for free estimates. Our deep cleaning services charges may vary from state to state.

Our Client’s Feedback!

The HHCS crew is impressive! I had a very hectic time this week. One of my friends recommended their services, and all I did was one call. The team asked about my cleaning needs. The maids came to my home on time and did an outstanding job. I am very impressed with their deep-cleaning services. Thank you, team HHCS.

Daniel Paul

Client, Happy Houses

One of the most honest cleaning companies in town. They always showed up on time and never missed their appointments. The staff is very friendly towards everyone. I had guests at my home and I called HHCS for deep cleaning. Believe me, they did the cleaning at my house like a family and we were very comfortable working with them 

Edward Laura

Client, Happy Houses

There are many reasons for using your services. I like the punctuality and quality cleaning of your team. I have two toddlers, and it is tough for me to handle the cleaning and extra chores with them. HHCS maids make it possible for me to do deep cleaning services at home at affordable rates. I am super amazed because my home is spotless and clean.
Martin Barbara

Client, Happy Houses

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our deep cleaning services.

Does your deep cleaning service include professional outside window cleaning services?

Our deep cleanups do not include outside window cleaning.

Can the maid come to my house for cleaning when I am at work?

Yes, you don’t need to be at home every time. Our maids can clean your home without your presence. Just place the keys or tell us the lock that we will be kept confidential and let the maids do their work.

Who do we contact if we have requests?

We provide our number to each of our customers, so they can directly call us if they have any concerns regarding cleaning or any request (984)-287-2946

Can we customize your deep cleaning checklist?

Yes, you can customize the cleaning checklist according to your home cleaning needs and budget.

Do you offer other cleaning services as well?

Yes, HHCS offers a wide range of services in your area. Call us now for free estimates.